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Technology Presentation Rubric

You will be creating a presentation of technology. This project is meant to

help give you experience in front of a group and with presentation

software. I suggest you choose something you are interested in already or

something that is relevant to your future career. In engineering, you will

need to present ideas and concepts to large panels of people.


UNDER TIME) Power Point, Prezi, or Google Slideshow including:

 Choose product or system that interests you: Steam power, the

electrical grid, telecommunications, space exploration, flight,

prostatic limbs, vaccinations, cameras, make-up etc…

 List 5 important innovations over at least a 50 year span. 100% (Each

innovation is worth 20%. More than 5 innovations is great but you

still have to complete in time. You can get a 5% BONUS on the

grade for an additional innovation within time)

 Why is this innovation important to society at large? 4%

 Who discovered or created it? 4%

 Why did they do this? 4%

 How did they do this? 4%

 Include pictures, diagrams, and other elements. 4%

You must cite your work by including at least the URL or name or written

work. This is not worth credit towards the assignment (because you

should always give credit to your sources) but you will be deducted 10%

on the overall grade if it is not present.