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WK 6 Project ENG – Young Adult Literature

Part One: 5-7 paragraphs that stay on topic of what the assignment is about and it is NOT about the book, but the subject of historical  Fiction & non Fiction novels and how they can be implemented as beneficial teaching tools in the classroom?

DISCUSSION OF Historical Fiction: Of People and Places

 This week we will be reading Laurie Halse Anderson’s Fever 1763 as an example of historical fiction.  We will discuss Historical Fiction: Of People and Places, in Young Adult Literature? One source.” Literature for Todays Young Adults, Alleen Nilsen”.

 Find scholarly articles relevant as supplementary materials which explain historical fiction and the responsibility and process of those writing it. Given some of your questions in an earlier discussion about the use of Young  Adult literature in social studies courses, think about cross-curricular uses of fiction as well as nonfiction. In your post, delineate new knowledge/insights gained from the reading the book in a brief summary.

ANSWER 5 selected Questions individually , briefly & completely?

Part Two:  1. What does historical fiction for adolescents look like?

2. Who are some of the prominent writers of historical fiction for adolescents?

3. How does the construction of adolescence differ within varied historical contexts?

4. How do authors approach the research for writing historical fiction?

5. How can historical fiction increase adolescents’ content knowledge in the various subject areas?

 Part Three: After reading the novel, create 2 questions regarding  historical fiction in Young adult literature, raised for you?