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How does globalization affect consumers? Check all that apply.

How did the US government respond to the immigration wave in the late 1800s?

Which explains how the Patriot Act has helped stop many terrorist plots?

What is considered the most important counterterrorism law ever passed by Congress?

The unlawful use of violence to achieve political goals describes which type of action?

A farmer who uses pesticides is mainly causing which types of pollution?

Which event in 2011 was cause for celebration in the United States?

Which economic indicator is the measure of all goods and services produced within a given economy in one year?

Which question would a demographer most likely ask?

What is the best definition of a refugee?

What is the definition of birth rate?

How can people reduce air pollution? Check all that apply.

What do businesses consider positive outcomes of outsourcing? Check all that apply.

Which factors help determine settlement locations? Check all that apply.

This table shows select US trading partners for 2015.

According to the table, which country received the highest amount in exports from the US in 2015?