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Which action best illustrates France’s mission civilisatrice?

What was one result of French rule in Vietnam?

Which of these would be the best thesis statement for an essay on Japan’s imperialist policies?

What did imperial nations have to do to protect their economic interests?

Which is the best example of modernization?

Following the end of the Sino-Japanese War, the peace treaty gave Japan an area in Manchuria as well as Taiwan, which was also called .

Which of the following African colonies did Belgium control?

Which is a true statement about the Open Door policy?

The map shows sea travel from coast to coast in the 1800s.

A map titled Sea Travel from Coast to Coast, 1800's. It shows that, to travel from the East Coast of the United notes to the West Coast by sea, one would have to travel all the way down the eastern coast of South America to the southern tip of South America, then up the western coast of South America and Mexico before reaching the West Coast of the United notes.

Based on the map, which best explains why the United States wanted to build a canal across Central America?

Emperor Guangxu instituted sweeping reforms to modernize the government and the economy, and as a result

What were some of the natural resources that attracted Europeans to Africa in the 1800s? Check all that apply.

An example of Japanese imperial rule that was evident when it placed restrictions on Korean rights was that

Tyranny was used to exert control over citizens in Latin America, with the hope of ending instability. It often resulted in

This newspaper drawing shows India under British rule.

A crowd of Indians sit outside, near a gate. Most of them look very thin and malnourished, and many have their heads in their hands.

What does the image best show regarding life for many of India’s people under British rule?

What was one change established by the British raj in India?