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. The objectives of this course will help me moving forward in my career. Understanding the steps in decision making by using critical thinking, the right form of communication for their team, whether it be verbal or written, it must be clear and concise to get the message delivered to the team. All of these objectives are important for any manager to be successful.
2. Managers run into challenges every day they come into the office. They must be armed and ready with the skills to face those challenges head on. If they have not mastered communication, they very well could be setting themselves up to fail because businesses run on communication. You have to be able to communicate with the customer to know what they are looking for, or how to fix their issue. If you can’t communicate with the customer, how will you communicate with your employees what is requested of their time. This is also where critical thinking is very helpful to solve problems quickly instead of stalling and wasting resources.
3. The vision or mission is how a business sees itself or would like to see for itself. The strategy is how a business plans to achieve those goals, more like a road map for the business.
4. The strategic analysis is used to identify and assess an organization’s micro (internal) and macro (external) environment by analyzing both internal and external areas of the business. Assessments through questionnaires or observation, strategy formulations through organization and processes, implementations of the plan through testing and procedural documentation, and then evaluation of the results are done for both internal and externally to ensure max return is being made on the most efficient produced products.
5. Strategic planning and the analysis process help let the managers know where the business is currently and allow them to set goals for where they want the business to be by a set time frame. This is where they will formulate plans and initiate those strategies and get them implemented into processes to be fine-tuned over time to assist the manager to achieve their ultimate goals within the business.