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This chart shows US citizens’ participation in wartime activities.

A 5 column table with 2 rows titled Citizen parcticipation in wartime activities in the U S, millions of citizens. Column 1 is labeled Type of parcticipation with entries Active military, Total number of employed workers. Column 2 is labeled 1916 with entries 0.18, 40.1. Column 3 is labeled 1917 with entries 0.84, 41.5. Column 4 is labeled 1918 with entries 2.97, 44. Column 5 is labeled 1919 with entries 1.27, 42.3.

What relationship does the chart show between active military and employed workers?

This notice was posted in Britain during World War I.

A posted notice reads as follows: "Defence of the realm. Ministry of food. Breaches of the rationing order. The undermentioned convictions have been recently obtained." There follows a list of addresses, dates, points of offense, and fines.

How did posts like this help countries enforce rationing?

A(n)  is a person who is not actively involved in a nation’s armed forces.

The total war effort endangered civilians because

What was a main message of Allied nations’ anti-German propaganda?

An important goal of anti-German propaganda was to

When will a propaganda campaign intentionally aim to hurt a cause?

One purpose of  was to win popular support for the war.

When businesses converted to wartime production, how did citizens benefit?

Which actions are examples of rationing during World War I? Select two answers.