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How did the Spanish and French differ in their treatment of American Indians?

The map shows early North America.

Map of early North America in different shades of green. A dark green shaded area is near Nova Scotia.

Which settlement does the colored region of the map depict?

Which statement is the most accurate description of the middle colonies in the 1700s?

What was the name of the contested fur-rich farmland where the French would trade manufactured goods to the American Indians for fur?

Which countries sought control of North America during the Seven Years War?

The middle colonies were founded

Read this passage from a British newspaper.

The French and Indians, the Number of each not known, had, as we found after, possessed the Sides and Brow of a Hill, in a circular Form, from the Extreme of which some of them fired upon one of our advanced Flank Parties. This immediately struck a general Panic; the Men could not be persuaded to form regularly; in great Confusion they fell back . . . . no Order could be restored.

–The Public Advertiser
September 20, 1755

Based on this passage, which statement is true?

he map shows the countries that founded the thirteen colonies.

Map of Countries Founding the Thirteen Colonies. Britain founded Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia. The Netherlands founded New York and New Jersey. Sweden founded Delaware.

According to the map, the majority of the thirteen colonies were founded by

Look at these graphs.

Pie chart of Southern colonies exports by value. Tobacco is almost 50 percent while rice is about 25 percent. The remaining 25 percent consists of: Bread, Flour, Grain not rice; Indigo; Other.

Pie chart of New England colonies exports by value. Dried fish and whale oil account for almost 50 percent while Other products are 25 percent. The remaining 25 percent consists of Livestock and Wood products.

What is the most likely reason why Southern colonies had such different exports from those of New England?

The map shows the area of The Seven Years’ War.

Map of the Seven Years' War. French Territory is in Canada and above the Gulf of St. Lawrence. British Territory includes the New England states along with Nova Scotia. Disputed Claims appear between the two territories. Numerous battle sites such as Quebec, Montreal, Acadia, and Boston are marked.

According to this map, why did the French do so well at the beginning of the Seven Years’ War?