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The image depicts the end of the Sino-Japanese War.

Japanese officers and Chinese offices exchange formal greetings on a ship. The Japanese officers are dressed in European-style military clothing. The Chinese officers are dressed in traditional robes and hats.

What does this image best depict regarding the end of the Sino-Japanese War?

In which ways did the Meiji Restoration modernize Japanese government and society? Select all that apply.

How did Japan become the most powerful nation in Asia?

Which similar challenge did China and Japan face following the Sino-Japanese War?

How was Japan easily able to defeat China in the Sino-Japanese War?

The weakening of the Tokugawa Shogunate allowed nationalist groups to

The peace conference ending the Russo-Japanese War took place in which country?

What started the Russo-Japanese War?

Which of these events occurred first?

Because Japan felt disrespected by the provisions of the Treaty of Portsmouth, it would most likely lead Japan to