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Because of imperialism, what did colonized countries have to adapt to? Check all that apply.

The map highlights the British Empire and its telegraph system.

A map showing the British Empire's telegraph system. The British Empire includes Great Britain, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, and other territories. Lines, representing telegraph lines, connect these various territories. Some of the lines go through the oceans and some over land.

What advantage over other nations did Britain have because of its telegraph system?

Which statement best describes a sphere of influence?

In 1947, nationalist leaders successfully campaigned for reforms and won independence for

From most controlled to least controlled, what is the correct order of types of territorial rule over imperialized lands?

Nationalism increased competition for power among European nations because the desire for an empire was fueled by

Which elements of European culture did imperial nations want to impose on their colonies? Check all that apply.

The motivation behind the new imperialism was to

What made it possible for a small country like Britain to rule large territories?

European culture was spread by , who went to Asia and Africa to convert native peoples to Christianity.