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What best characterizes the trenches dug by the Allies and by Germany?

Where was Gallipoli located?

By waging the Gallipoli campaign, the Allies hoped to

U-boats were used primarily to

How did the Battle of Verdun and the Battle of the Somme symbolize modern war’s destructiveness?

Read the excerpt from a newspaper article about World War I.

The gaseous vapor which the Germans used against the French divisions near Ypres last Thursday, contrary to the rules of The Hague Convention, introduces a new element into warfare. The attack of last Thursday evening was preceded by the rising of a cloud of vapor, greenish gray and iridescent. That vapor settled to the ground like a swamp mist and drifted toward the French trenches on a brisk wind.

What does the article reveal about the use of chemical weapons?

At the start of the war, which countries were on the side of the Central Powers? Check all that apply.

What did Germany’s Schlieffen Plan call for?

What was an unintended effect of the sinking of the Lusitania?

Read the excerpt about the effects of poison gas.

Like some liquid the heavy-coloured vapour poured relentlessly into the trenches, filled them, and passed on.

For a few seconds nothing happened; the sweet-smelling stuff merely tickled their nostrils; they failed to realize the danger. Then, with inconceivable rapidity, the gas worked, and blind panic spread.

—British eyewitness on the western front,

According to the excerpt, how did the poison gas work to kill the soldiers?