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Please answer the following questions using your readings, the lecture, and the presentation for this week. Responses should be 2-3 complete and grammatically correct sentences at minimum. (10 Points Each)
How did the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan increase the division of Post-War Europe between the USA and the USSR?
What were some of the key factors that led to the start of the Cold War?
What were the results of the Korean War for the United States?
What was the “Red Scare” and why did it start?
How did the end of World War II affect American women?
What were some of the new political and military organizations that began out of the Cold War and what were they designed to do?
What was the effect of the Soviet launch of Sputnik I and II on American educational programs?
What was “Brinkmanship” and how did it contribute to Cold War tensions?
What were the problems in the Middle East that further escalated the Cold War?
What was the Geneva Agreement and how did the U.S. allow for its violation?
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