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Carefully read the short article, summarize it and write a commentary about the situation found in the article. YOU ARE TO FIND YOUR OWN ARTICLE FROM THE INTERNET. YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE AN MLA-FORMATTED SOURCE CITATION FOR THE ARTICLE THAT YOU CHOOSE FOR ME TO SEE.  YOU MAY USE WWW.EASYBIB.COM TO DO YOUR SOURCE CITATION. IT MAKES THINGS EASY.Your commentary should be reflective, which means thoughtful.



(Does minimum mean you’ll get full points? Are you the kind of person who does the minimum? It’s important that you understand what I mean by “minimum.” Minimum is “enough to get by” it is not an A or a B; it is C level work. The more effort you put into your assignments, the more you will get out of them.)

  1. You should have at least one paragraph of summary that includes the title and author and main points. Your summary should make direct references (QUOTE OR PARAPHRASE) to facts from the article. Every time you include a fact from the article, you have to cite the article in some way.

FOR EXAMPLE (from The OWL at Purdue):


2.  You should have at least one paragraph of commentary about the situation. Think about how this article might impact you or someone you know or how it might call to mind something relevant to the world you live in. This commentary should make direct references (QUOTE OR PARAPHRASE) to facts or arguments in the article. When selecting a quote to include, ask yourself if the quote is important to the argument/topic of the article; does it say something in an important way? If you think it’s important, what point is it making or helping to prove? Quotes should never (NEVER) just be thrown into your papers without some kind of connection from you to the reader.

3. You should also have a Works Cited page in MLA format. If you aren’t clear about what MLA format means, please (PLEASE) go to the Owl at Purdue.Links to an external site.

4. Northwest has an amazing Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. with in person and online tutors to help you with any (and all) writing assignments. You can contact them through the NW homepage under “Student more” and “Services.”

5. Your work should be edited to avoid major errors. I will be reviewing these for you as we go through the class, but you should make an effort to correct your errors before submitting your papers. Points will be deducted for grammar; however, the errors you make at the beginning of the semester will not “cost” as much as errors made at the end of the semester. In short, I am here to help you make your writing better and not punish you for mistakes. It’s important that you learn from your mistakes so that you don’t make them again (or as often).

5. Finally, your paper should not include plagiarism. By this point, you have completed the plagiarism tutorial. I would guess that 85% of all plagiarism isn’t willful cheating; it’s just carelessness and laziness. Students try to rush through assignments and turn in poor work. The consequences for plagiarism include a zero on the assignment.

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