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Has or Have Subject-Verb Agreement

  1. We have to work harder in our English class.
  2. Did you know that he has won the award three times in a row?
  3. They have witnessed a lot of things in their short life.
  4. Can you tell that we have prepared well for the cycling event?
  5. Susan has a lot of homework to complete tonight.
  6. I have to be on time to all my classes.
  7. We have ten more days of school left before break.
  8. They have seen the movie more than once.
  9. I have to walk my little sister home from school every day.
  10. The team has to practice at least three days a week.
  11. The girl has to be nice, or else she will not make many friends.
  12. The boys have to pick a name for the new football team.

Direction: write a sentence with each verb below

Has –

  1. He has played football for five years.

Have –

  1. We have already eaten.