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The organization you are required to perform a document review for, is a company called Buckets ‘O’ Buckets. The company manufactures and sells Buckets to retailers. They make a large range of different buckets from steel buckets, to plastic buckets, mop buckets, and the like. The company consists of 100 employees, 75 of which are within production, 24 office staff and 6 Managers. The company runs 2 shifts, a day shift and an afternoon shift which commences at 3pm. During afternoon shift there are 10 production employees and 1 Production Supervisor. The Managing Director, Johnnie Bucket is supported by his team of Managers that consist of a Quality Manager, Operations Manager, Engineering Manager, Business Development Manager and Human Resources Manager. Buckets ‘O’ Buckets are aiming for certification to ISO 9001 and have contracted the Certification Body you work for to review their quality system for certification. As a Lead Auditor from the Certification Body you have been given the job as the Lead Auditor of a team of 3 auditors to review Bucket ‘O’ Buckets’ quality system for compliance with ISO 9001. As the first step of the review process, you are required to perform the document review in preparation for a full quality system audit to confirm that their documentation meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and to prepare for the site audit.
Using the case study documentation provided, conduct a document review and provide a report indicating whether the documentation meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Provide an audit plan for an audit to be conducted based on the results of the documentation review. Include in the audit plan the roles and responsibilities of the audit team members.
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