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In this project, you will plan a remodel and furnishing for a living room 14’10” by 11’2″. It will involve both math and creativity.

You’ll need to choose the flooring, window covering, wall paint and furniture, and calculate the cost. Your project needs to include pictures of the actual items you choose.

There is a sample room layout at the bottom of this page, but you may design your own.

  • Flooring
  • Video icon <–Click the video icon for an example video
    • Find the area of the living room floor in both square feet and square yards.
    • Find the area of flooring you’ll need to buy
      • You’ll need to buy at least 10% more than the area of the floor to cover waste and be sure not to run out.
      • You can only buy a whole number of square feet or square yards.
    • Choose a specific flooring
      • Choose the type – carpet, hardwood floor, tile, etc.
      • Find the exact flooring you will use. Include pictures or screenshots.
    • Find the cost of the flooring including installation
      • You may get an exact installation quote from a store or installer.
      • Or you may use online sources to find typical installation costs.
  • Window covering
    • Assume the window is 57 inches wide and 46 inches high.
    • Choose an exact window covering. Include a picture or screenshot.
    • Find the cost of the window covering.
  • Wall paint
    • Find the total area of the walls in square feet.
      • Assume the ceilings are 8 feet high.
      • You may ignore the windows and door in your calculations.
      • Video icon <–Click and watch video from 19:50 to 45:00 for an example of finding wall area
    • Choose a specific paint
      • Find the exact paint you will use including the brand, type (satin, semi-gloss, etc.), and color. Include pictures or screenshots.
    • Find the cost of painting the walls
      • Determine how much paint you need to buy
        • Find out how much area a gallon of paint will cover (google, etc.)
        • Report the number and size of the cans you’ll need to buy (gallon, quart, etc.). Be sure to buy enough even if you have extra.
          • It’s actually good to have some leftover paint for touch-up later
      • List the painting supplies you’ll need and find their price.
      • Find the total cost of painting
  • Furniture
    • Choose the exact furniture for your room
      • You may use the sample floor plan below for ideas, but you may choose whatever you’d like.
      • Include screenshots or pictures including prices.
      • To lower your costs, you may “use” some furniture you already have if you include pictures.
      • But you must “purchase” at least two other items for your room. Can be new or used, but include pictures or screenshots, and citations of your sources.
    • Find the total cost of the furniture you’ll buy
  • Find the grand total cost for your room
    • Remember to add 7.75% sales tax
  • Bonus (optional): include a colored drawing of your completed room
    • Include your flooring, wall paint, window covering and furniture
    • You may draw it yourself, or use an online tool.


Sample room layout (but you may design your own)

Living room plan 14 feet 10 inches by 11 feet 2 inches with furniture