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This week you are preparing to present at an important meeting where healthcare policy is going to be discussed and decided. Your role is to represent the perspective of nurses about this particular issue and to provide a presentation to the group.
First, choose a policy or agenda item related to nurses that is proposed by the American Nurses Association, state or federal government agencies or legislative bodies, a state nursing board, state nursing association, or professional nursing specialty organization (such as Oncology Nurse Association, Wound Care Nurse Association, Advanced Practice Nurse Association, or Clinical Nurse Leader Association).
Next, using professional and government websites and scholarly articles, analyze the issue thoroughly so that you have data and information to include in your presentation. What is the history of this issue? Who is affected by this issue? How will policy related to this issue affect nurses or your particular nurses association? Clearly outline the policy or issue with key points highlighted that demonstrate your understanding.
Third, research the key stakeholders who might be attending the meeting and identify them as specifically as possible. You may select one stakeholder or one group of stakeholders (decision makers) as your audience for the presentation.
Now, develop a presentation that includes the following:
Introduction: Introduce yourself, your purpose in addressing the meeting, and the perspective you are representing in your presentation.
Main Body of Presentation: Include an overview of the issue, including brief history and importance of the issue or policy. From there, select two to four key points related to the issue or policy supported by research, data, facts, and figures. Provide details and examples that help the audience understand the specifics of the policy or issue. Finally, include information about the potential implications for the issue or policy as it affects the nursing perspective you are representing.
Conclusion: End with a strong conclusion that reviews your main points and makes a clear recommendation for the action that needs to take place during the meeting or in subsequent meetings. Remember that you need to be convincing as well as professional demonstrating your thorough knowledge of the subject and of the perspective of the group you are representing.
Your presentation should include:
A PowerPoint that has 5-10 slides highlighting the main points of your presentation.
A three-five-page speech written verbatim (double �spaced) as you would deliver it to this group.
A reflective paragraph separate from the speech that details why you chose this issue and its meaning to you as a nurse.
A page with the references that helped you prepare the details of the speech.
Rubric for Grading:
30 points: PowerPoint
40 points: Speech
10 points: reflective paragraph and references
20 points: Writing/APA
Helpful Resources:
AACN Guide to Policy Advocacy for Nursing Education and Research as a Guide Retrieved from https://www.aacn.nche.edu/Government
Example:Home Health Care Improvement Act of 2013 Information can be found using the link below:
Nursing Community. (2013). Home Health Care Improvement Act of 2013. Retrieved from https://www.thenursingcommunity.org/#!legislation/c1wld
PowerPoint tips.ppt
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