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A photo shows a man in formal suit talking to a woman.
  1. 13-10 Research for this Adaptive Selling Today Training Video revealed that anger does surface during the sales presentation and can be very challenging to negotiate. Anger can be something the other party experiences outside of the sale itself, or it can be caused by some aspect of the sale. Lana, the medical equipment salesperson, received an angry call from the doctor she was working with and had to prepare for solving both the anger problem and the reason for it. What three actions did she learn to use in negotiating with an angry customer? Describe how she adapted these actions during the sale to move the doctor’s apparent position of “I am going to win, I don’t care if you win;” to an “I want to win and I want you to win also.”

  2. 13-11 As was shared by the doctor, it is not unusual for a customer to experience skepticism and doubt about the pricing, timing, supplier, need, and/or the product solution during the sales process. Skepticism creates an “I may not win” customer reaction and can prevent the other party from making a good and correct decision, resulting in a no sale. What three actions did Lana use to help her customer overcome the skepticism he was experiencing?

  3. 13-12 Research also reveals the most common problem in negotiations is the price problem. Customers often want to be sure they are getting the best price possible, as well as the best product solution. What three actions did Lana use to attempt to achieve a win-win solution with the doctor’s concern about staying within a budget? Describe them in detail.

  4. 13-13 The action of “walking away” from a potential sale is often considered a high-risk negotiations strategy. What three actions did Lana employ before she walked away from this sale?