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For your discussion assignments from now on, you have been placed into a discussion group with five other students.  For this week’s reading, choose one argument that you strongly agreed with from any of the three articles, and one argument that you most strongly disagreed with. Post your comments in the discussion area. Explain what the arguments are, and why you have the opinions you do. Then read the opinions of some other members of the group and respond in a separate posting to at least one of them, explaining why you might view the topic differently to them. Here I’m looking for thoughtful descriptions and analyses of your own reactions, and a real engagement with the ideas of your peers.

Please remember to post your discussions early in the week – if you leave it to the last minute, then it does not give other students much time to respond to you, and severely limits the chances of a good and stimulating exchange of ideas!

Remember that from this week onwards I will be doing the random grading policy: I will grade some only some of the groups’ work, based on a random selection.