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The task

Read the same article you read for journal 1. Note: DO NOT read your journal 1 entry yet. Complete the first part of this assignment without going back to this work.

The assignment specifics (give particular attention to 4, 6, and 7)

Your job will be to 1) summarize the goals of the article (e.g., what is the question they are asking and why), 2) state the hypotheses, 3) summarize the methods (giving just enough detail for the results to make sense, while being concise and focusing on the most important details), 4) summarize the results in words (what did they find?), and discuss what statistical tests they used and why, 5) summarize implications, and 6) discuss what you found difficult to understand in this article, what you thought could have been done better, and your overall impression of this work. 7) NOW after completing 1-6 above, go back to journal 1 and read it. Here discuss how what you have learned in the class informed your understanding of this article the second time around.

Your journal entry should be about 1-2 pages double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font.