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Which is the best description of how France took power in Vietnam?

Which situation is the best example of assimilation?

One reason France wanted to establish colonies in southeast Asia was to gain access to natural resources such as .

This image shows French soldiers passing a family of Vietnamese villagers.

French soldiers in uniforms and kepi hats, carrying rifles, march by a Vietnamese farmhouse. The Vietnamese villagers are bowing to the French soldiers.

What does the image illustrate about social life in imperialist-controlled countries?

What was the primary reason why France wanted to regulate other countries’ trade?

Which statement best describes the social structure created in colonial areas by imperial powers?

Which countries were part of France’s expansion into southeast Asia in the 1900s? Check all that apply.

The map shows the French Empire in the late 1800s.

A map titled French Empire in the Late 1800's. It shows that most of France's territories were in Africa, concentrated in the northwest region. Other territories were in Southeast Asia, China, India, Madagascar, the Levant, and France itself.

In the late 1800s, the French Empire

What phrase did Great Britain use to justify its imperialist conquests?

What did Japan do to establish control in Korea? Select four answers.