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Which is not an abundant natural resource found in Africa?

Resistance to British rule in southern Africa was led by the

The two European countries with the most colonies in Africa were

When Europeans first began to explore Africa, what did they find?

What part did the slave trade play in helping Europeans take control of much of Africa in the 1800s?

Read the following passage from a book by modern-day author Adam Hochschild describing King Leopold’s treatment of the Congo.

“Talk of the lazy native accompanied the entire European land grab in Africa, just as it had been used to justify the conquest of the Americas. To an American reporter Leopold once declared, ‘In dealing with a race composed of cannibals for thousands of years it is necessary to use methods which will best shake their idleness and make them realize the sanctity of work’.”

According to this passage, how did King Leopold justify his treatment of the Congolese people?

Which of the following were effects of European rule in Africa? Check all that apply.

Look at this map of European colonies in Africa.

Map of European colonies in Africa during the Berlin Conference in 1885. Belgian ruled countries are light green. British ruled countries are pink. French ruled countries are orange. German ruled countries are dark pink. Italian ruled countries are dark green. Portuguese ruled countries are dark orange. Spanish ruled countries are gray. Independently ruled countries are purple.

Which of the following describes an economic effect of European imperialism in Africa?

Look at this famous political cartoon of Cecil Rhodes, standing over Africa.

A political cartoon titled, The Rhodes Colossus, shows Cecil Rhodes standing over Africa.

Which of the following best describes the message conveyed by this cartoon?