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I require an essay based on the below 1attachment, and the following description. Must be in the APA format, and include examples of the marketing plan , to include ,the guidance on how the use of available environmental and strategic resources to implement and control the marketing plan. An EXCEL Spreadsheet must also be included in the essay, showing cost , budget expenditures using EXCEL. This will be included under the EXPENDITURE SECTION of the essay. At this point the description and specific detail of the product to include the number to sell and at what price, The cost associated with the product and judgement as to if the costs is reasonable is in line with the industry standard. Finally analyze and determine whether the profits are reasonable in comparission with industry averages. Base this on the WALMART BARND Coolers, “OZARK TRAIL” which is a direct competitor to YETI.
The following   section will include, EXPENDITURES : create the appropriate forecasts and detailed budgets for the following sections, 1. Marketing Strategy, 2. Objectives, 3. target Markets, 4. Positioning,  5. Strategies 6. Marketing Mix, 7. Marketing Mix.
These detailed budgets and forecast enable the business and associated departments to see how resources and marketing expenditures will be allocated to each of the activities in the marketing section. this will also impact the company’s scheduling and operations. remember products can only produce revenue once they have been rolled out . Not everything should begin on the beginning of the company’s fiscal year. A chart showing budget expenditures must be included. (EXCEL)  Essay must be a minimum of 600 words ling NOT including the title page , and reference page. EXCEL spreadsheet must be included under the FINANCIALS section of the marketing plan. Must REFERENCE three references n reference page.
Thank You.