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1. Choose any five (5) Identification Terms. Provide who or what the term is, when they
lived or occurred, and at least five (5) facts as to why they are important to history.
Otto Von Bismarck General Helmuth Von Moltke
Kaiser Wilhelm II The Schlieffen Plan
Colonel Maximilian Hoffman Christobel Pankhurst
General Douglas Haig David Lloyd George
2. Write 5 pages of text is expected. the size of the line 12 and double-spaced
Describe the causes of World War One. Use events ranging from the Franco-
Prussian War through Germany’s Unification and Bismarck’s alliance system. At
a minimum include Prince Otto Von Bismarck, the Seven Weeks War, Emperor
Napoleon III, the Ems Dispatch, the Franco-Prussian War, the Battle of Sedan,
Versailles, Paris and the First and Second Commune, and German Unification.
Lastly, provide a quick summary of Germany’s European Alliances.
General Joseph Joffre Vice Admiral Graf Maximilian Von Spee
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