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Based on all the knowledge you gain through this class and specifically the hundreds of best practices you encounter, you are to develop a best practices program or library for your company of choice. In your Best Practices Portfolio, you are to choose several key areas that are specific to your organization and establish a set of best practices for each key area. As an example, if you choose a manufacturing company, your key best practices areas might include, contract negotiation, material pricing, inbound logistics, outbound logistics, purchasing and requisition, inventory control, production control, and/or finished goods inventory to name a few. Your objective is to choose several key results areas that a critical to the type of company that you choose, evaluate, and implement several best practices withineach key results area. By now you should know that service, retail, and manufacturing all have differing key results areas. Even though some key results areas may be the same, the best practices may differ between industries, companies, and departments. You are required to integrate  Core Value of responsible stewardship into your Best Practices Portfolio. Since you are dealing with raw materials, human resources, and capital resources the responsible stewardship Core Value will easily mesh with any set of best practices. Lastly, your Best Practices Portfolio must contain some sound conclusions and/or recommendations based on your research about best practices. Make sure that your conclusion or recommendations present something specific in nature that are not a rehash of information in the textbook or articles you read in the class. You must present a strong program of best practices that a company can implement and monitor to help enhance its effectiveness, efficiency, profitability, quality, or customer satisfaction.Formatting Guidelines
1) Include a cover page: Project Description, Name, Date, Class Name, and Professor’s Name.
2) Table of Contents: Outline of portfolio’s contents.
3) An abstract is not required for this short paper.
4) Written content must contain 4 – 7 pages (Not counting references and title page)
5) References— Minimum of 7 citations (2 direct quotes) and 5 sources
6) Must be written in essay format (not Q & A formatting)
7) APA formatting required:
a) Use a 12-point font (e.g., Ariel, Courier, or Times New Roman).
b) Use double-line spacing in your document.
c) Standard indented paragraphs.
d) One-inch margins all around document.
8) Headings are required to break up the document into logical sections:
a) Introduction or Background.
b) Analysis or Current Issues.
c) Conclusions or Recommendations.
d) Reference section.
e) You may choose your own heading names specific to your work and the aforementioned