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Look at this chart showing the economic impact of the Great Depression between 1929 and 1932.

A 4-column table with 3 rows is shown. Column 1 is not labeled with entries Industrial production, foreign trade, unemployment. Column 2 is labeled U S with entries down 46%, down 70%, down 607%. Column 3 is labeled Britain with entries down 23%, down 60%, down 129%. Column 4 is labeled Germany with entries down 41%, down 61%, down 232%.

Based on the chart, what can one most likely conclude about the relationship between industrial production and unemployment?

In France, how did Socialists attempt to fight the effects of the Great Depression?

The US economy after World War I relied in large part on

The global economic crisis following World War I was caused by

A factor that weakened the US economy following its initial surge was the unequal distribution of .

In which way did Great Britain’s leaders try to recover from the Great Depression?

After World War I, how did the US economy compare to that of Germany?

After the Great Depression, France could best be described as

In what year did the US economic recovery begin?

To pay reparations after World War I, Germany