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Please answer the four questions below in the discussion box provided.  At the end of the course you will reflect on how your answers to these questions may have changed.  At this point, for this assignment you will get a pass/fail grade – 10 for posting, 0 if you don’t.  However, you must complete this assignment  before you can progress to the rest of the course.   You can go into as much detail or depth as you like. Bear in mind that what you write here will be the basis for your final reflection, so the more you give yourself to work with now, the easier you will make things for yourself when you look back.  Other students can see your work, but you are not required to respond to other students at this stage.  However, feel free to ‘like’ each others’ postings. 

  1. What is a human being? 
  2. What is our place in the environment? 
  3. Are we a part of nature, or apart from nature? 
  4. What is our appropriate role in relation to the environment?