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Assignments 1

Final Project Startup – The Beginning

For this assignment, you will need to turn in the five items listed below. I have attached files that will assist you in completing this information.

1 You Are Your Own Brand Self Outline

2 Job Description

3 Salary.com bell-curve screen shot

4 Resume

5 Cover Letter

1 Review and complete the “You Are Your Own Brand” Self Outline. This is just a vehicle for you to jot down your ideas pertaining to yourself

2 Job Descriptionfollow the attached directions and locate a job description for a real company and an actual position that you contend to be qualified for at graduation

3 Salary.com bell-curve screen shot Follow the directions of how to locate and screens hot the salary bell curve table.

4 ResumeComplete a resume matching the format in the instructions. Your experience & skills should resemble that of the job description.

5 Cover LetterCreate a cover letter that introduces your resume in a way that matches the job description.

Assignments 2

Personal P.E.S.T.T. Analysis

Please review and complete the attached Personal P.E.S.T.T. Analysis.

Assignments 3

S.M.A.R.T. Goaling

Please review and complete the attached “S.M.A.R.T. Goaling” information and worksheet.

Assignments 4

Personal Mission Statement

Please review the link below and create a Personal Mission Statement.


Assignments 5

30 Second Elevator Speech

Please review and complete the attached “30 Second Elevator Speech”.