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Provide an original response to the question below from the reading.  Your response should be:

  • A minimum of 250 words
  • Create your response in word or some other text editor so you can check spelling and grammar.
  • Be in your own words! Even if you are using information from the text, you should rephrase it so that it is not a copy paste.  I would rather you put things in your own words than be exact – this is intended for you to evaluate the topic and gain experience with talking about biological concepts!
  • Include terminology from the text (without copying it directly)
  • Link of the book:  https://openstax.org/details/books/concepts-biology

In section 2.3: Biological Molecules of the Concepts of Biology text, we learn about the four categories of macromolecules that form biological organisms.  Address the following points in your response for this reading assessment:

  • In viewing the molecular structure of these four different types of macromolecules, highlight some similarities and differences in the elements and associated chemical bonds that make up each substance (section 2.1 is about bonds).
  • As you will find in later sections, chemical bonds store potential energy (which is kind of like energy in a battery that isn’t being used – the energy is in there, its just not being used for anything yet).  When you break those bonds, you release energy that can be used to do various types of things.  The purpose of carbohydrates and some lipids (fats) is to provide short term and long term energy to the body.  Take a look at the molecular structure of these molecules – why do you think some molecules are designed for short term energy storage while others are useful for long term energy storage?