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Yet another reminder for those who need it: The second half of this course is where you apply all the knowledge/skills you acquired in the first half of this course. Specifically, you’ll apply your new knowledge/skill set in creating a single story, OR a collection of poetry.

The story or the poetry collection you develop comes out of the material you developed in Workshop 1( ThestoryofGreatwallofChian), which came out of everything you learned and wrote in the first half of the course. You’ll continue developing the same story OR the same poetry collection throughout the rest of this course.

For both workshops 2 and 3, you’ll have the opportunity to submit more fully-developed drafts of the fiction OR the poetry that you shared in Workshop 1, and you’ll provide feedback on your group members’ drafts, just as you did in Workshop 1. For Workshop 3, you’ll also have the option of submitting a rough draft of your Final Portfolio reflective essay.


The “Workshop 2 and 3” document below includes the instructions and requirements you’ll need to complete this assignment. 

Please keep in mind that your creative process should involve:

  • following through on the discoveries, insights, and decisions that came out of your Workshop 1 experience and other activities in this course.
  • making alterations with the craft elements we’ve learning about in order to make your work more complete, well-rounded, and nearly finished.
  • experimenting with craft — taking a calculated risk with a craft element to see how the change will impact your work. (Remember, risk-taking is encouraged in this class, and “mistakes” are OK, provided you learn something valuable from them in the end!)
  • submitting work to your group members that they will clearly and immediately see as markedly different from your previous draft.