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You are a pediatrician and have 100 high risk patients assigned to your care. You are responsible for providing primary care services and your scope of practice includes the following:

Sick Visits= $ 20 for each 15 minute increment

Lab Services: $ 25 per test ordered

Immunizations: $ 55 per vaccine

Well Child Check-Ups: $ 60 per exam

You do not receive a salary but instead you can choose the following ways to be paid: 1) fee-for-service; 2) prospective payment; and 3) capitation. You are concerned with reducing the high cost of healthcare services while providing the best clinical judgement for all of your patients. Which form of reimbursement would you prefer? Your post should explain the parameters of each option and how the selected reimbursement method will meet your goal of reducing healthcare costs and improving quality. Please discuss and consider the characteristics of your patient population and their level of need.