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Europe between 1980-2010 saw a lot of turmoil that resulted from the “end” of the Cold War, but also was tied to the economic developments in Western Europe after 1945 and increasing industrialization.

Reading the textbook, the assigned primary sources and Rafaela Dancygier’s book chapter, what do you consider the main issues European countries faced during 1980-2010, and how did they impact, for example, on politics, society, economics, and the shared vision of a united Europe?

Please refer to the assigned secondary and primary sources when proposing an answer.

Please respond to your fellow students’ statements. Do you agree with them or not? Why? Please be precise in your statements and responses. They should reflect a knowledge of assigned readings (and, if you aim to impress, a bit of online research (if needed for more details)), not mere opinions.

Here is the protocol for posting and contributing to an online discussion:

1. You are expected to check in and participate on at least 2 different days BEFORE the due date..
2. You should begin at least one thread and provide at least thwo posts in response to other participants’ threads.
3. Posting should be a minimum of one short paragraph and a maximum of two paragraphs.  Word totals for each post should be in the 100 words range.  Whether you agree or disagree explain why with supporting evidence and concepts from the readings or a related experience.  Include a reference, link, or citation when appropriate.
4. Be organized in your thoughts and ideas.
3. Incorporate correlations with the assigned readings or topics.
4. Stay on topic.
5. Provide evidence of critical, college-level thinking and thoughtfulness in your responses or interactions.  Avoid summarizing.
6. Contribute to the learning community by being creative in your approaches to topics, being relevant in the presented viewpoints, and attempting to motivate the discussion.
7. Be aware of grammar and sentence mechanics.
8. Use proper etiquette.  Remember that being respectful is critical.


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