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What have been some of the most important advantages to the rise of the internet and the expanded use of mobile devices? What are some of the potential negative consequences of those changes?

Discussion PostingsMost weeks you will be asked to write online discussions in response to a specific prompt. Follow all instructions and label your answers exactly the way the question is posed (eg, if the discussion prompt asks questions in order and labeled, A, B…, then label your answers the same). Once you have made your posting, you will be able to see what others have posted. Do not post a blank page first, which permits you to see other students’ posts before you have submitted. You will be graded only on your first post, so make it a good one. Once you’ve posted, you must then respond to another student. Your posting must be written, not video. Canvas gives you the ability to respond with audio messages – when you respond to another student, you have the option to either write or to respond verbally with a recorded audio message. You will be graded on your original posting and your response – see the grading criteria below. In order for you all to do well in your discussions, you need to make sure you post early enough in the week to give your peers time to respond to you. Original Posting: Your original posting each week should: Answer the questions and mention at least 2 points from the week’s readings with page #s of readings as reference when you use quotes. Critically analyze the content – your posting should not be just a summary of the reading Be grammatically correct and proofread for spelling errors. It counts in the real world, so it counts here too.Relate content to your own personal experiences when appropriateResponses to Other Student Postings: Your responses to other students should: Use the student’s name (“Hi Haley!”)Incorporate quotes from that student’s post (“I really liked it when you said XYZ!”) Be logically reasoned and supported and courteousBe grammatically correct and proofread for spelling errorsInclude a follow up response if a student asks you a question. I’ll look for this when grading – don’t leave a student hanging if they’ve asked you a genuine question.