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  1. ESA: Explain the difference between fixed base and      on-site analysis in a site investigation. How would the environmental      professional (EP) determine which type of analysis to use?
  2. ESA: What are the health and safety considerations of a      Phase II ESA? Describe the various levels of personal protective equipment      (PPE) that can be used to protect workers.

Unit #5
1. Discuss how soil and groundwater contamination is delineated at a site.
2. Discuss how cleanup goals are set using the risk assessment process. Describe each of the four steps of risk assessment.
Unit #6
1. In an organized essay, develop a plan to conduct an asbestos survey of a building, including the building walk-through and the sampling plan.
2. In an organized essay, describe the regulations that apply to asbestos surveying and abatement.
Unit #7
1. In an organized essay, differentiate between bulk sampling and air sampling for mold. What are the disadvantages of air sampling for mold?
2. In an organized essay, describe the different types of mold and their potential health impacts. What are the conditions that promote mold growth?
Unit #8
1. In an organized essay, discuss the process of conducting an indoor air quality investigation. What are the limitations of such an investigation?
In an organized essay, describe the physical and chemical characteristics of radon that make it a dangerous indoor air pollutant. Describe how radon enters a building and what its health effects are.