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How does a healthcare administrator determine which social media tool is most appropriate for an intended audience or health message? Using social media tools to communicate health messages offers many benefits including instantaneous feedback, establishing a networked community, and enhanced information dissemination. With these thoughts in mind, how might these benefits transcend into the marketing of a new health care service?
For this Assignment, reflect on a health service and target population that you would like to use as part of a marketing plan. The health service and target population you select will become the focus of your Final Project. Consider contemporary social media tools and other communication technology tools you might use for your marketing plan. Think about which tools might provide your marketing plan the greatest scope and which social media tools might be most appropriate for the health care service you chose. Then select two social media tools for your marketing plan.
The Assignment (1–2 pages)

  1. Describe the health service (providing healthcare services to transgender/transsexual patients) for which you intend to develop a marketing plan, including an explanation of why this service is needed and the potential target audience for this service.
  2. Describe the two social media tools you selected for your marketing plan.
  3. Explain how the social media tools you selected are most appropriate for your intended audience and health service in your marketing plan.