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Why did artists during the Industrial Age turn away from classicism and develop a different style of art?

Popular culture is best described as

During the Industrial Age, spectator sports increasingly became popular. What does this reveal about Western society?

Which word is best associated with the classical style of art?

What impact did new inventions such as the ice box, electric lights, and the phonograph have on the lives of the growing middle class in the late 1800s?

The poet William Wordsworth summed up romanticism in literature with this statement.

All good poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.

Which theme of romanticism was Wordsworth referring to?

This 1818 painting shows a man looking out to sea.

A painting showing a man standing on a pile of rocks, looking at a valley covered in mist. The mist is roiling by, obscuring cragged rocks and the valley floor. Mountains can be seen rising in the distance.

Which statement best explains why this work represents the romantic style?

Which statement best describes the works of Charles Dickens?

Classicism is a style of art inspired by ancient Greece and ancient .

This work is by a French artist, painted in 1819.

A painting showing a group of people shipwrecked on a small raft. Another ship can be seen in the distance, and several people on the raft are waving to it. Other people on the raft look exhausted.

In what way does this painting demonstrate romanticism?