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Who is the author? Where does the author work? Do you think the author is credible and why? (Hint: Remember to look for the most recent information you can find) (3 pts)For whom do you believe the author is writing – experts or the general population? Why do you think this (Give a 1-2 sentence explanation)? (3 pts)What is this publication: an article, an editorial, an advertisement, a book chapter, a review? What features of the publication lead you to believe that the publication is the format you have chosen (list at least 3 indications that it is the format you believe it to be)? (3 pts)
Is the information factual with other sources used to back up statements? Provide an example of two passages of text from the source (enclosed in quotation marks and with the page number noted) that backs up a statement with another source. (5 pts)
Is the information impartial and objective? Why or why not? Is more than one viewpoint offered? Make sure that you provide examples and evidence to back up your choices. You may use passages in the text that prove your point (provide quotation and page number) (5 pts) What was the author’s purpose in writing? (Is the purpose to inform, teach, convince, entertain, sell, or some other purpose?) Why do you think this? Provide evidence (at a minimum 2-3 sentences, why you believe this is the author’s purpose. (3 pts)
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