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When Hungary opened its borders, it created a “hole” in the

What was the “Velvet Divorce”?

What was the most important effect of opening East Germany’s borders?

Read this excerpt from a summary of events in Srebrenica.

Zina Hasanovic is one of the lucky ones – she knows what happened to her husband, Haris. As Serbian bullets raced through a group of tightly-packed Muslim prisoners, Haris, mortally wounded, fell on top of his first cousin and best friend, Mevludin Oric. Mevludin lay on the ground, covered in blood and for hours pretended to be dead. He managed to escape to tell Zina of her husband’s fate.

Why is Zina Hasanovic referred to as “one of the lucky ones”?

The first step in the reunification of East and West Germany was uniting their

What was the Berlin Wall?

In 1978, Lech Walesa led a worker’s strike in

What happened in Poland in 1989?

Which event preceded the revolutions of 1989?

What was East Germany’s biggest problem after it opened its borders?