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  • Students are required to create one infographic that highlights a concept from the course( introduction ton Supply and Demand, introduction to Elasticity, introduction to Utility, introduction to perfect Competition, introduction to Monopoly).  This is an opportunity to be creative! Infographics use visuals and words to illustrate something.
  • My suggestion is to use Canva (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to create the infographic.  This assignment does require you to create a FREE account.   There are many FREE infographic templates that can be modified.
  • I would love to start using infographics for the Home Page that align with the assigned modules.  I will ask your permission to use your Infographic in future classes.
  • Requirements:
    • You must have at least FOUR informational items in your infographic.
    • Come up with an original title.
    • Choose colors that contrast one another so that the audience can read it.
    • Choose visuals that highlight what you want to teach.
    • Grammar and spelling count.