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Review Questions

  1. 12-1 Distinguish among the three types of need-satisfaction presentations: informative, persuasive, and reminder.

  2. 12-2 List the guidelines to follow in planning an effective consultative presentation.

  3.  12-3 Discuss the advantages of using the presentation worksheet.

  4. 12-4 Explain why a salesperson should organize the sales presentation so that it appeals to as many of the five senses as possible.

  5. 12-5 What are the guidelines to be followed when developing a persuasive sales presentation?

  6.  12-6 Describe the merits of a bound paper presentation. What can be done to strengthen the persuasive power of a bound paper presentation?

  7. 12-7 Explain how magazine and trade journal reprints can be used to assist the salesperson in a persuasive sales presentation.

  8.  12-8 Describe the audiovisual presentation fundamentals.

  9. 12-9 What are some of the common sales functions performed by small laptop computers and demonstration software?