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Topic � Write a compelling business plan on a startup business venture.
My startup business venture is cyber security (information security).
your task would be to write a compelling business plan on a proposed startup business venture. The www.business.gov.au business plan template must be used. (In business plan template,
Sections/Items in Green you do not have to complete
Sections/Items in Yellow you can �assume� such as an ABN
suggestions for some Sections/Items in blue)
The business plan will test your abilities to design a viable new business idea and to communicate in a way that will attract the intended audience. The entire business plan needs to be divided equally among the group members. Make sure that the contributions are equal in proportion. While the proposed business venture can be of any type � for profit or non-profit, local or international, stress should be given on creative idea, innovation and impacts to the society or environment. Further hints would be provided during the workshops. See the below guidelines carefully to properly format your business plan:
General guidelines:
�To prepare this report you need to widely discuss the relevant theoretical aspects of entrepreneurship.
�You are encouraged to consult the text book, suggested readings, journal articles and website to critically examine and add rigor in your analysis.
�The total word limit should be between 4,500 words excluding appendix, and references (200 words deviation either way will be accepted).
�There should be at least 3 textual references (including the text book) and 6 academic journal references in your list of references. You can use more references.
�Font size 12, Times New Roman (Excluding headings/sub-headings)
�Mention the name of group members on the front sheet.
�Attach a separate sheet at the beginning outlining the proportion of work undertaken by each student.
�Staple/bind the assignment properly.
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