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The Congress of Vienna gave Austria more territory in .

The Congress of Vienna aimed to ensure

Which statement is the best example of a liberal ideological belief?

The graphic shows how revolutions progressed throughout France.

A row of 3 steps. The first step is labeled People demanded reforms. The middle step is blank. The third step is labeled Rebels forced a change in government.

What is the middle step of the progress?

Which statement best summarizes the early nineteenth-century revolutions that moved through Europe?

One lasting effect of the age of revolutions was that

The best example of cause and effect after the Congress of Vienna is

Read the scenario.

Luca, a landowner who employed numerous servants, and Fabian, the owner of a grocery store, are debating politics. Fabian believes that most individuals will make good choices concerning government, and Luca says,“Well, what about people who are not well-informed? They could cause a lot of trouble.”

According to the discussion in the scenario, which is most likely true?

Liberals tended to belong to the .

Who had a successful revolution in the early nineteenth century?