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write a 2,000 word business proposal to the owner of the xyz restaurant to  provides a list of action plans and solutions to your key problem. Write a letter of transmittal (cover letter) and send both the report and the letter to your owner.

There are two documents required to complete this assignment. The first is the business proposal ,report.

Write a business proposal of 2000 words addressing the restaurant owner about the unfair work practices by the manager (or management) at your restaurant. You are working as a dishwasher. Mention three reasons why you feel the manager is treating you unfairly. How the ill treatment of manager effect the overall reputation of the restaurant.

Problems- (realistic)

  • Overburdening with work other than dishwashing .(food prep, cleaning kitchen)
  • Untimely payment
  • Unclear  work schedule
  • No fixed time
  • Unhealthy working environment


Statement of Problem:

Big Picture- Describe the problems faced at the workplace as a dishwasher. Include other imaginary situation of other staff too, if possible.


How to tackle this problem?

 3 Recommendations focussed

  1. What changes needed in the managemt or any other recommendeantion. (Provide three atleast)— one major suggestion in detail, two minor in biref
  • How to bring that changes
  • How much it costs the restaurant?
  • Timeline : how much time it will take to establish proposal in the reataurant

7 References

APA Style

90% requirement

No plagiarism


1. Introduction:

2. Solutions outlines for the problem

3. Scope- Boundaries of the research

4. Survey of Initial Research

5. Approach

6. Work timeline

7. Costs                              

8. Summary

9. Conclusion

10. List of references APA Style