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In addition to making cars, Henry Ford is best known for

The chart shows children as a percentage of Britain’s mining and textile workforce.

A bar graph titled Children as Percentage of Employees in Mining and Textile Industries in Britain is shown. The x axis shows the Mining Industry and Textile Industry for the years 1851, 1861, 1871. The y axis shows the percent of workers aged 15 or younger. For the Mining Industry: 1851, 13%; 1861, 12%, 1871, 10%. For the Textile Industry: 1851, 15%; 1861, 19%; 1871, 14%.

What do the figures indicate about child labor during this part of the Industrial Revolution?

One strategy factory owners used to increase profits involved

Which type of air pollution was caused by factories during the Industrial Revolution?

The assembly line was a system through which items were mass-produced in a  flow.
During the Industrial Revolution, the demand for skilled labor .

Which are examples of new technologies that helped the factory system grow?

The image shows different prices and types of corn flakes.

A person is standing behind a shopping cart next to rows of different brands of corn flakes. Each box has a different name brand for the corn flakes, and prices on the boxes are from 50 cents to $1.99.

According to the image, why would the Industrial Revolution have pleased consumers?

The process of industrialization caused worldwide damage to the

The photograph shows Richard Arkwright, an entrepreneur and factory owner.

A painting of Richard Arkwright. He is sitting in a chair, wearing a powdered, gray wig, and is holding a rolled-up piece of paper.

Which best describes how Arkwright and other entrepreneurs influenced the Industrial Revolution?