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Module 2 Assignment : Continue research relative to teacher recruitment and selection essay.

  • Due Sunday by 11:59pm
  • Points 14
  1. Teacher Recruitment & Selection Process(Due October 15th) In this exercise you are to imagine that you are a human resource officer and responsible for hiring teachers. You are to develop a process for recruiting and hiring a teacher for a specific grade-level or subject area.  Do this in the form of a written proposal that contains the following elements:
  1. An online advertisement for the position (you may wish to utilize ads such as those posted in the New York Times Education Section as a model).
  1. A description of other recruitment strategies (e.g., job fairs, college visits, etc.)
  1. A description of the process for screening resumes: who will do this and how will potential candidates be identified.
  1. A description of the interview process: How many interviews will take place and who will do the interviewing?  Include at least 5 questions that will be asked of each interviewee.
  1. A description of any performance assessments to be utilized in the search: e.g. model lessons, written exercises, etc.
  1. A description of how candidate references will be checked