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You are on a project management team for a medical association with three office locations. Each location has five administrative assistants, two records specialists, two transcriptions, one office manager, three nurses, and three doctors. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) recently changed the standard operating procedure for releasing patient privacy information. All personnel must be trained in the new policies and procedures. Training hours per position are as follows: administrative assistants require 2 hours, records specialists require 3 hours, transcriptions require 1.5 hours, office managers require 5 hours, and nurses and doctors require 1 hour. All offices reside in the same metropolitan area, within a 30 mile radius.
Instructions:Define activities for a project based on the scenario you choose. You must include the following:
� Identify the scope of the project.
� Define the needs of the stakeholders.
� Create a WBS for the project.
� List necessary tools and techniques.
� List activities, activity attributes, and milestones for the project.
Sequence the activities in a chart or diagram.
The chart or diagram should include, the scope of the project, definition of the needs of the stakeholders, a WBS, all the necessary tools and techniques for the project, lists activities and milestones for the project.
The purpose of this assignment is to define and explain the activities that comprise every project in the project life cycle. Listing all activities enables us to understand the sequence of the project activities, their importance to the overall project, and how project inputs and outputs contribute to the project�s overall success. A display of the project activities graphically in a chart, this visual representation reinforces their understanding of how project activities flow from one to the next.
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