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Find a song or piece of music that you feel has the following characteristics:

a) Utilizes “symbolism as social expression though direct lyrical imagery, lyrical allegory, or puzzles with associated hidden message” – such as that expressed in the 12th century liturgical chant by Machaut called “My End Is My Beginning”, or the Unthanks song titled “The Testimony of Patience Kershaw”, or the Kendrick Lamar song title “Blood” that we examined in class. And, that

b) represents “social conditions that need changing with relationship to work or social status”.  In general, for your Music Hunt assignments, questioning the function/message and “big picture” of your assigned songs can be a good starting point (faith, brotherhood, support, encouragement, commitment, etc) , and, then, writing a comparative analysis of your song with the assigned songs will lead you to a submission with more substance.

Your submission should have several parts to it: First, give the brief “facts” of the song you’ve chosen – Title, Composer(s), Performers (artists or band name), Length of song, Record label, year of first release by this artist, etc… Then give a comparative descriptive analysis of the song in your own words – describing how it is a good match for the assignment requirements specifically referencing the songs we examined in class. This descriptive analysis should be about two paragraphs long and include your brief defense for selecting the song you did.

And finally, include a URL to the location of the song so that the professor can listen to the song for grading.