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This week our learning is on income distribution around the world.  We note some very interesting trends – The rise of the middle class; reduction of poverty across the globe, 3) the rise of the 1percenters etc.  These trends have major implications on economic growth and consumption patterns across the globe, especially when coupled with population dynamics.

Select a country (suggest:  Malaysia, China, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey S, Africa…) for more in-depth understanding and discussion.  Use country data from sources provided in the Lib Guides (start here first).  Discuss your thoughts and analysis of the income undercurrents based on your learning from the video lectures and assigned readings.

Do not go to some website and copy and paste. Use your learning this week to apply your analytical skills in order to further your learning.

  • Research data. Do not hesitate to analyze or explain the data, and the assumptions underlying the data.