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You are required to compose a film/literature analysis on each of the films/stories assigned in the course. The analyses should be between 500 and 750 words long. They should be well written, following standard rules of grammar and composition, and developing consistent, cohesive ideas over several paragraphs. The goal of each analysis is to integrate the course content with the characters, situations, and themes of the film/literature. Please see the attached document for more details and the rubric.


  • Move Analysis should include a brief introduction and conclusion.
  • Use complete sentences, structured paragraphs and proper grammar/mechanics.
  • Use what you’ve learned in your weekly readings to help formulate your responses.
  • Feel free to use resources outside of your textbook to support your responses as well. Cite ALL sources, including the textbook, in APA 6th edition format.
  • Review the grading rubric prior to completing this assignment.

The paper should be double spaced and in Times New Roman 12.  Please include a cover and reference page in APA format.  

Resources for this assignment: