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Research and identify the areas that comprise the various domains of today’s HR function? (Example: In the Finance area you encounter various function such has general accounting, budgeting, forecasting, etc.).
2. Explain the core purpose of each domain and how each domain should/can be leveraged to align HR practices and drive/support achievement of organizational objectives?
3. Identify the type of HR/organizational initiatives you consider critical for you to effectively build and drive strong employee engagement in today’s environment?
4. Identify some of the key issues emerging in our business environment and how are these are expected to impact organizations and the workforce in the future?
5. Identify the type of initiatives you could implement to ensure your organization is proactive and ready to address and/or leverage them (Ex.: competency development, job design, job profile/fit, organizational structure, leadership practices, culture, engagement, talent acquisition and other OB/HR/people practices).