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You have access to the sales and customer information in a flower shop. You discover that the boyfriend of a woman you know is sending roses to three other women on a regular basis. The woman you know is on the flower list, but she believes that she’s the only woman in his romantic life. You really think you should tell the woman. Your dilemma is that you have a professional responsibility to keep the company’s information private. However, you also believe that you have a responsibility to the woman. Do you tell her?

Are there factors that would change your decision? Each student should individually consider the additional information below. Indicate whether any one or more of these factors would change your decision. Then form a consensus.

Additional Facts

1 The woman is your sister.

2 The man is your brother.

3 The woman is about to give the man her life savings as a down

payment on a house in the belief that they will soon be married.

4 The woman is already married.